The Cottages

Originally built as 10 separate buildings, the eight cottages now comprise the backbone of Humber College’s Lakeshore campus.   Each building was originally built as residential buildings and were where the patients of the hospital lived.

Cottages A-E were built on the north side of the Administration Building.  Cottages A and B were originally two separate buildings were later expanded and joined together.  This new expanded building is now Building F of Humber College.

Running from east to west are Cottages C to E.  Cottage C is now home to Building E of Humber College, while Cottage D is now Building D, and Cottage E is Building C.

On southside of the Administration Building are Cottages 1-5.  As with Cottages A and B, Cottages 1 and 2 were later expanded and combined into one larger building, which is now Building H of Humber College.  Running east to west are Cottages 3-5.  Cottage 3 is now Building I of Humber College, while Cottage 4 is Building H and Cottage 5 is now Building K.

Cottages A-E and 1-4 are now home to classrooms and faculty offices.  Cottages 1 and 2 are also home to the Accounting Centre and International Centre.

Cottages A and B
Cottage C
Cottage D
Cottage E
Cottage E

The buildings above form the north and northeast residential buildings for the hospital (Cottages A-E).  The following pictures are of the buildings on the south and southeast residential buildings (Cottages 1-5).

Cottages #1 and #2
Cottage #3
Cottage #4
Cottage #5