The Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital in the New Toronto community can trace its history back to 1889 when the original building were constructed and the Mimico Asylum opened its doors in January of 1889.

Doctor Joseph Workman is credited with coming up with the original idea for the site as he felt that a less institutional approach would be more beneficial for patients.  Most of the work on the building would be performed by patients to save money.

The hospital was originally planned to be part of the main hospital on Queen Street (now the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), but was spun off as a hospital in its own right.

Over the years the Hospital would change names several times.  Starting out as the Mimico Asylum in 1889, it would change names five years later in 1894 to the Mimico Insane Asylum, then in 1911 to the Mimico Hospital for the Insane, in 1920 to the Ontario Hospital (Mimico), the Ontario Hospital (New Toronto) in 1934, and finally in 1964 the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

Due to operating costs, repair work that was forthcoming, and changes in how society treats the mentally ill, the hospital was officially shut down in September 1979.  The remaining buildings were designated a heritage site in 1988.

In 1991, Humber College signed a 99 year lease on the buildings.  Over a 25 year period, the College renovated the buildings and now every building is in operation.